Blockcraftery Mod 1.12.2

Blockcraftery Mod 1.12.2 supplies a straightforward feature called Framed Blocks. The new functionality allows players to make their construction look better and clearer. Let’s continue the story and see how other abilities work now!

Blockcraftery Mod 1.12.2
Blockcraftery Mod 1.12.2

About the main function

We have had a great addition. It brings back an extremely simple item. With that block, we can drop it into any place around the world. Not only that, it is feasible to give it to another texture after a right-click.

It means there is a pack of squares of irregular design, which after installing can be painted in any appearance. What you need to do is to select something with a texture and tap on the piece of fashion.

All key features

Key features of Blockcraftery are available here.

A rich variety of shapes:

It is not difficult for the newbie or skilled gamers to find and choose from. In fact, you are able to interact with the following objects when playing Minecraft:

  • Framed Blocks
  • Framed Stairs
  • Framed Slabs
  • Framed Walls
  • Framed Slants
  • Framed Slant Corners
  • Framed Fences
  • Framed Doors
  • Framed Trap Doors
  • And Framed Pressure Plates

Strengthened versions:

They are reinforced variants of the Framed stuff mentioned above. They are capable of preventing explosions and fire.

A light source/pressure plates:

They are the result after you apply the right mouse button to a framed block with Glowstone Dust.

Easy to manage:

It’s possible to texture each form as your preference! Actually, there are many more frames that are coming. Do not forget that other newer mechanics have been scheduled. They will help you decorate your structures without effort.

Blockcraftery mod is fully obtainable! It offers Framed Blocks, a very basic element. Everything is attainable if you download and install Minecraft Forge to launch the current product successfully. Remember to follow frequent progress updates!


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For Minecraft Mod: 1.12.2
Developer: EpicSquid315