Craft Presence Mod 1.14.4/1.12.2 (Discord Status!)

Craft Presence Mod 1.14.4/1.12.2 shows an extra way to entirely adjust the way others view you play through Discord’s Rich Presence API & JNA (Java Native Access) API.


Alongside being able to switch your Discord status from “Playing Minecraft”, this mod supplies countless customization selections to appoint wholly others view you play from “Having Your Current Biome Show Up” to which “Dimension” you are in, along with which server you are using, the “Customization Possibilities” are infinite with the sole actual restriction is how unique you adjust your interface.

Craft Presence Mod 1.14.4/1.12.2
Craft Presence Mod 1.14.4/1.12.2

Twitch – CursePack – MultiMC – Technic Support

At this moment, CraftPresence will find out if your Launch Directory includes a Technic installedPacks File (installedPacks), a Valid Twitch Manifest (manifest.json), and MultiMC Instance (instance.cfg).

If such, it’ll place the Packs Name in your interface alongside displaying its icon (once not in the server)


(Commands can be prefixed by both “/craftpresence” or “/cp”)

  • /cp view – help command to show command existing to see a diversity of Display Data
  • /cp config – run  CraftPresence’s Config GUI
  • /cp reload – reload  the mod data
  • /cp reboot – restart RPC
  • /cp shutdown – turn off RPC (can be toggled on from /cp reboot)
  • /cp view currentData – show in Text Form, your recently RPC Data
  • /cp view assets – show the entirety of Asset IconKeys existing to you
  • /cp view dimensions – show the entirety of Dimensions Names existing fro usage if Showing Current Dimension is activated
  • /cp biomes – show the entirety of Biome Name existing for usage, if Showing Current Biome is activated
  • /cp guis – show the entirety of GUI Name existing for usage, if Per-GUI is activated
  • /cp view items – show the entirety of Item Name existing for usage, if Per-Item is activated
  • /cp > – help command to show the Above Commands and These Explanations respectively


In several Configuration Areas, CraftPresence supplies several Placeholders to run thing simpler:

(Placeholders are not Case-Sensitive, yet should be typed lowercase to avoid issues detecting them)

Main Menu/Loading Message Placeholder:

  • &IGN& – your Minecraft username
  • &MODS& – the count of mods recently in your Mods Folder

Biome Placeholders

  • &BIOME& – the recent biome name
  • &ID& – the recent biome ID

Dimension Placeholders

  • &DIMENSION& – the recent dimension name
  • &ICON& – the dimension icon name by default
  • &ID& – the recent dimension ID

Server Placeholders

  • &IP& – the recent server IP address
  • &NAME& – the recent server name
  • &MOTD& – the recent server MOTD (stand for Message of The Day)
  • &ICON& – the server icon name by default
  • &PLAYER& – the recent player quantity “(10/100 players”
  • &IGN& – your Minecraft username
  • &TIME& – the recent world time
  • &MODS& – the count of mods recently in your Mods Folder

SinglePlayer/LAN Placeholder

  • &IGN& – your Minecraft username
  • &TIME& – the recent world time
  • &MODS& – the count of mods recently in your Mods Folder

GUI Placeholder

  • &GUI& – the recent GUI name (Assists GUI Containers and GUIScreens)
  • &CLASS& – the recent GUI class
  • &SCREEN& – the recent GUI screen instance

Item/Entity Placeholders

  • &MAIN& – the recent item your main hand is keeping
  • &OFFHAND& – the recent item your offhand is keeping
  • &HELMET& – the recent helmet armor piece you have prepared
  • &CHEST& – the recent chest armor piece you have prepared
  • &LEGS& – the recent leggings armor piece you have prepared
  • &BOOTS& – the recent boots armor piece you have prepared

Disclaimer: Similarly to different RPC Mods, this mod also utilizes your in-game data to deliver Display Information to a third-party Service.

These are all aspects in terms of Craft Presence Mod 1.14.4/1.12.2 that we would like to show you. Please bear in your mind to install Minecraft Forge to run the mod effectively.


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