Roughly Enough Items (REI)

Roughly Enough Items (REI) is an essential mod in the game Minecraft whose main feature is to provide players with a simple method to browse through recipes. Therefore, if you are a fan of Minecraft games, there is no reason for you to ignore this mod.

About Roughly Enough Items (REI) mod

The advantage of this mod is that it has the ability to display cooking recipes in an easy-to-read and customizable way. Therefore, it is extremely useful for new players who are just starting to learn about the game. Besides, the mod also has the ability to provide a good way to view crafting instructions, which greatly enhances your experience in the game.

Another cool feature of this mod is that it will automatically grant unbound keybind. This tool is very useful to export any formula you want. It even has an advanced search feature with different search modes to help you save time and effort in finding recipes according to your needs.

Roughly Enough Items (REI) requires Fabric API and Fabric Modloader to function efficiently.