Simple Trophies

Simple Trophies is an extremely interesting mod that brings a satisfying feeling to Minecraft players. This mod is designed for players who love to win titles. It can be simple old items but meet your own needs. Download the mod and explore today!

About Simple Trophies mod

After installing this mod, it will bring simple titles to Minecraft. Not only that, but it also offers a way to get the title. To get them, you just have to make your own the way you like it. Because trophies are just plain old items, any mechanics that give items to players also give them trophies. Therefore, this feature will help you to satisfy your own ownership needs, and significantly enhance your gaming experience.

You can add custom colors and custom names to your trophy. These elements are customizable by modpack creators or server moderators. You can manually edit the name or color NBT. Obviously, you can manipulate freely when using this mod.

Simple Trophies will be installed through Minecraft Forge.