Simply Jetpacks

Just by hearing the name, you can guess, Simply Jetpacks adds new Jetpacks powered by Redstone Flux (RF) or BuildCraft Fuel. They will have different floors with different abilities. Download the mod to explore in more detail.

About Simply Jetpacks mod

Apparently, the Jetpack that this mod adds to the game is used in flying. Therefore, it makes the movement in the game much simpler. The additions of this mod are: Leadstone Jetpack, Hardened Jetpack, Reinforced Jetpack, Resonant Jetpack, Creative Jetpack and Tuberous Jetpack.

In addition, you can also easily upgrade this mod if you want to get more functional jet packs. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that higher jet packs can guarantee your safety. In addition, the particles emitted by the jet packs can be altered. Obviously, this mod will bring you countless new experiences during the game.

Simply Jetpacks mod will need Minecraft Forge to work effectively.