Teletubbies Mod

As you know, Teletubbies used to be the best thing on TV for a lot of kids, and Teletubbies mod will bring a little nostalgia to users. If you have been a fan of the Teletubbies program, this mod is sure to bring a lot of enjoyment. Download the mod and experience it today!

About Teletubbies mod

In fact, this mod will proceed to deploy all the iconic Teletubbies from the reality show into Minecraft. You will be able to interact with these entities in a variety of ways and will be completely unrestricted.

In addition, the mod has the ability to deploy evil Teletubbies along with regular Teletubbies and these Teletubbies will actually try to kill you as you wander through certain biomes of the game at night. Fighting with these evil Teletubbies is quite an interesting activity and promises to bring you new experiences when playing the game.

Besides, this mod also brings a variety of items taken directly from the TV series. These items may not seem to offer much at first but as you begin to use them you will find that they are actually quite impactful and can be used in many different ways, making a big contribution to enhance your gaming experience.

Teletubbies mod will also require the installation of Minecraft Forge to be able to work effectively.