The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2

The Eight Fabled Blades

If you are looking for a Minecraft mods download that comes with special abilities, The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2 will be the answer for you.

Weapons and support tools have long been an essential part of Minecraft. These items are very helpful for players in their adventures in general and in the fight against enemies in particular. Previously, many mods released by Mojang also aimed to provide players with new weapons. But overall, all we get is vanilla weapons with one or two new features that aren’t too prominent or remakes of weapons that have ever appeared. With The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2, players will have the opportunity to access weapons with unprecedented power: The Eight Fabled Blades.

Breakthrough point

The Eight Fabled Blades

This mod gives players 8 unique swords: Arrow Slasher, Disenchanting Saber, Haymaker, Heart Piercer, Lunar Edge, Shield Breaker, Sword of the Great End, Sword Slicer. Each sword possesses its own features. For example, with the Arrow Slasher sword, players will have the ability to disable the opponent’s arrows or the Shield Breaker sword will give players the ability to disable the shields of other players.

You need to pay special attention because these weapons cannot be crafted with normal materials and cannot be repaired when broken. The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2 only allows players to find these swords in special locations like the End Cities for the Sword of the Great End. This is a very interesting point of this mod because players will have to really try if they want to own these treasures.

The Eight Fabled Blades

The swords will be supported by the special effects of Armor Pierced, Heart Pierced, Interfered … depending on their features. This is another plus point of The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2.

How to Download

You can download this mod by the link located at the end of the article. The Eight Fabled Blades Mod 1.12.2 can only work when your Minecraft is installed to the latest version and your gaming device has Minecraft Forge installed.


This is truly a very creative and worthwhile mod that Mojang has for the worldwide gaming community.

The Eight Fabled Blades Mod Download Link

For Minecraft : 1.12.2