Trail Mix

Trail Mix is ​​a very special mod in the game Minecraft with the ability to add a new, quirky item that allows players to ride a flying pig. If you are still curious about this mod, download it to your device to explore it in more detail.

About Trail Mix mod

After installing this mod, the Food Item makes a lot of crazy things when eating it. It gives you Super Punch, Super Speed, Fall Dampening… Obviously, there will be loads of new things waiting for you to discover in this mod.

In addition, the mod also gives pigs High-Pressure Flatulence to fly, Explosive Collision Nature to see when you have to leave the pig’s back, Excessive Headbanging. With the power of the saddle and skills for pigs, you easily control them in the air.

Trail Mix mod requires Minecraft Forge and iChun Util Mod to work effectively.