Trees Do Not Float Mod 1.14.4 (Makes Minecraft Logic Again)

Download Trees Do Not Float Mod 1.14.4 for free here and you now can deal with trees that do not follow the fundamental laws of physics. Let’s get started to explore more through the information this article brings.

Have you ever been annoyed when Minecraft trees still float in the air even though you have broken that tree? All basic laws of physics you know before are not respected. Now you just need to install this mod and then put these trees in their place. The main function of this mod is to make trees and their leaves completely break down as soon as the final log is destroyed.

Trees Do Not Float Mod 1.14.4
Trees Do Not Float Mod 1.14.4


  • keepLogsIntact: Log blocks will move to the ground rather than dropping.
  • renderFallingLogs: This just impacts the client-side. Render falling logs
  • fallingLogsBreakPlants: Falling logs will also break leaves and other plants when they fall down.
  • fallingLogsBreakFragile: Falling logs will break the glass as well as destroy other fragile blocks.
  • protectPlayerLogs: Logs that are placed by the players will be enabled to float
  • stackDrops: Merge item drops into stacks for avoiding lag.
  • requireLogBreak: If true, structures will be checked only when logs are destroyed.

If you are ready to experience Trees Do Not Float Mod 1.14.4, download it for free here!

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For Minecraft: 1.14.4