Tropicraft is an extremely useful mod in the game Minecraft with the ability to add a whole new dimension to the Minecraft game world. In addition, this mod also has another interesting feature that adds a lot of other tropical items, tropics, villages, trading… promising to make the world in Minecraft game much richer.

About Tropicraft mod

This mod will recreate a tropical world with new mobs, trees, treasures, and diverse biomes. Most of the common ores do not appear in the Tropical Realm, but in return, there will be many new ores for you to mine. Besides, there are many new types of villagers for you to trade in useful items with them.

Even after installing this mod, it also adds many new music discs to the open world. 3 of these discs were written by famous electronic musician Punchaface. To explore the new world, you need materials that are bamboo, coconut shell, 1 pineapple, wool. Then make a bamboo glass, create a Piña Colada, make a chair in any color, set a chair by the beach at sunset. Finally, drink a glass of Piña Colada and start a new adventure.

Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed for the Tropicraft mod to work properly.