WirelessCharger is an interesting mod with the ability to add to the game a block that can charge nearby players’ ForgeEnergy compatible items. If you are still curious about this mod, download it for your device to explore in more detail.

About WirelessCharger mod

After installing this mod, it will allow you to use UpgradeItem to upgrade WirelessCharger. Now you will be able to individually charge across dimensions or any distance within the same dimension with a simple click of the mouse.

In addition, this mod also gives you an upgraded wireless charger that will only charge the player who upgraded it. Even if you are a newbie to this mod, you can easily manipulate it by right-clicking on the mod to know some information about it.

You can also use JEI to check formulas for blocks. You can find it in the vanilla recipe book.

WirelessCharger mod will require Minecraft Forge to work effectively.