WTF’s TextureGeneratorLib

WTF’s TextureGeneratorLib is not only a library mod but also an adaption of the creation by Octarine Noise. Download to experience the new texture generator for free!

Features of WTF’s TextureGeneratorLib

The author wanted to utilize the technique of Octarine Noise, who initially created the Overlay and Stitch method for BetterFoliage. He expected to apply that way for stalactites and ore overlays. Additionally, he modified his code with permission.

According to the request of some other modders, the developer has separated functions and set up a library of their own.


The creator finally abandoned his project. Its default file will not be able to run with the new version of Minecraft. The release is outdated or the author marked it as abandoned. He will not maintain it anymore.

WTF’s TextureGeneratorLib is an API and Library mod. So as to explore its all content, you should download and install Minecraft Forge.